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For photography, framing, or crafts, we can spread butterflies or pose them for you. Some of our best customers for our butterfly spreading and posing services include Martha Stewart Home, Ralph Lauren, and MGM Studio Productions.

Because the rehydration process can only go so fast, spreading and posing typically require 5-7 days. Please take that time into consideration when you place your order.

If you’re in a last-minute rush, please contact us. We often have a nice selection of butterflies already posed in various flying positions or with their wings flat like you’ll see in photos throughout our website that are available for purchase.

Framed Blue Morpho in Acrylic
Posed Butterfly Taxidermy

We can pose any butterfly in a flying position for $12-$25 each depending on the species and quantity you order. Posed butterflies are sent in storage containers on easy-to-remove pins. Dried butterflies are easy to handle and remove from containers. They maintain their colors indefinitely if properly preserved.

If you need them quickly, please contact us and we will work with you to make your project a success.

Spread Butterflies in Flat Position

We can spread butterflies for you to look exactly like those you’ll see throughout our website with their wings flat open. The average spreading fee is $12 per each specimen. They will be packaged safely for simple removal and easy to handle. Pin or glue them right into your display case, artwork, or frames.

Spread & Framed Butterflies

We also offer a select few butterflies pre-spread and framed in clear acrylic containers.

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