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Specimens from The Butterfly Company are dead and dried real butterflies and insects from butterfly farms around the world. We are an authorized and licensed dealer of these butterflies and insects, and we set the standards.

Legal Requirements

Buying butterflies and insects, dead or alive, has rules and regulations for everyone. Import and export requirements are regulated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. We are licensed by them and comply with all U.S. and international import/export laws and regulations – our business is 100% legal. When you buy from our company, you can sleep peacefully knowing that all import and export clearances, proper documents, and permits are retained in our files.

We are the most reliable, and legal, source for insect specimens in the United States. Purchasing certain butterflies requires special permits, and we have them. For your peace of mind, when you purchase any of these species, we will include our corresponding CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) import permit number on your invoice. CITES butterflies include all species of Ornithoptera, Troides, and Trogonoptera, and certain Papilionidae.

Butterfly Farming

Butterfly farming helps to preserve rainforests and increases butterfly populations. Butterfly farms must preserve large areas of native forest growth to cultivate and collect the native host plants needed to feed their caterpillars and run their businesses. This provides motivation for farming families to protect local forests rather than sell the land for mono-crop farming, which is an unfortunate alternative.

We strongly support butterfly farming and conservation projects. Most of our butterflies and insects come from licensed breeders or from butterfly farms, which support ecosystems and economies and help the survival of the species. All these factors help ensure our butterflies and insects are sustainably and ethically sourced. Your purchases will help natural habitat conservation efforts around the world.

It's simple. We strive to provide superior quality and the best customer service to keep our customers coming back.

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