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Very well preserved specimen

One of the insect types that are really easy to rehydrate and pin, came in perfect quality with wings already spread out. The only thing because it’s predried, you might want to put a little glue after pinning it, otherwise, the heavy body of this insect might spin round the insect pin

Colotis ione
Hailey Curcio
Great Experience

This was my first time ordering with The Butterfly Company. I ordered 4 butterflies with the spreading service. It got delivered in a reasonable time and very nicely packaged. They came in excellent condition and I will be purchasing again in the future.

Charaxes smaragdalis
Alyssa Knodel

So beautiful!

Nepheronia argia
Amilene Marroquin

Nepheronia argia

Taenaris scylla ssp.
Amilene Marroquin

Taenaris scylla ssp.

Papilio ulysses
Sherry Valenzuela
Very Satisfied!

The butterflies were even prettier in person. Well worth the wait!

Rhetus periander
Melinda Taggard
Every spread butterfly arrived in perfect condition!

1000000000.00 % satisfied!

In love!

Beautiful assortment! I actually had one full morpho I could assemble with the wings. I just love the look for my jewelry creations!


The butterfly arrived quickly and in excellent condition.

Dactyloceras lucina
anthony de porben platon
African Beauty

A large impressive West African moth with a dark and intricate pattern. Specimen came in excellent condition as usual and on time. I have felt with the Butterf lycompan for more and 16 years an found they are trustworthy, honest and caring. caring.people.

Papilio krishna thawgawa
Brittony Howard
Beautiful Quality

The butterflies I ordered were stunning and packaged very carefully. I often run into issues with my post office but the team at The Butterfly Company securely wrapped my order to make sure they arrived safely

Absolutely beautiful!

Everything I purchased from this company is absolutely gorgeous! Highest quality and fantastic service ❤️

Antheraea polyphemus
Marc Peterson
Antheraea polyphemus


Battus philenor
Angel Romero

Pretty coo

Absolutely phenomenal!

I literally refuse to buy butterfly wings from anyone else!

Papilio rumanzovia
Vanessa Simkowitz

Papilio rumanzovia

Papilio gambrisius
Jeffrey Leon
Nice Butterfly

Was in good condition, thanks

Ascia buneae sublineata

Battus philenor FEMALE
Jeffrey Leon
A1 butterfly

Goof condition

Atrophaneura sycorax FEMALE
Bruce Ellis
A sycorax Female

A nice example of a rare species. Glad to have it in my collection.

Actias luna
Evan Grim
Great product, fast & fair

Luna moth specimens are beautiful, and to make it better they unexpectedly arrived before Christmas! Thanks!


My go-to for all my insect needs! Always fast and great service

Heterometrus spinifer LARGE
Chris Gregg
Exceptional Specimen and Display

My wife absolutely loved this specimen and could not wait to display it in her collection.

Perfect Specimen- as always

Excellent presentation and display. My wife was completely ecstatic about it.

thank you so much

i made shadow boxes with these beauts and my two hands have never created such beautiful art in my life thank you so so so much

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