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At The Butterfly Company, we are all lovers and enthusiasts of the natural world. We are also acutely aware of the growing pressure human expansion and activities place on natural ecosystems.

Some of the most important areas that planet Earth has left are old-growth rainforests where forests and ecosystems have existed unchanged for hundreds and hundreds of years. If these forests are cut down for banana or palm oil plantations, they cannot grow back overnight, and all the beautiful and life-sustaining biodiversity in those areas is lost.

We are also aware that it takes financial support and monetized incentive to the people who live around and oversee these forest areas to ensure their conservation. Mono-crop farming is a lucrative business – and terrible for the environment.

By purchasing our insects from farms that protect rainforest areas or collectors working under permits and government supervision who also protect these habitats, then we are directly providing financial support to help save these important natural resources.

This is also the ground level understanding and passion that motivates all the suppliers around the world we partner with; we only work with those who share our vision. We hope you’ll support us and, in turn, these critical people and places around the world.

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