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Most of our customers with insect or butterfly collections choose to display them so they are easy to enjoy. Whether you are just getting started with a collection or you have been collecting butterflies and insects for years and are hoping to add a unique specimen to your collection, we have the insects and butterflies for sale you need, and the supplies to help you display them. See the sample insect collections to get ideas.

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We sell 2-inch-deep shadow boxes for insect collections. These boxes are very popular for showing off butterflies or insects in your home or office. They are available in three different sizes.

Other items popular with insect collectors include plastic showcases, class slides for butterfly wings, insect pins, and Cornell display cases with wooden frames. We also sell informational books on butterflies, insects, beetles, and moths.

Butterfly Collection Activity Kits

Do you know a budding butterfly collector who would appreciate an easy way to get started with his or her own collection? Our butterfly collection activity kits would make the perfect gift! Recommended for ages 5 and up, each kit includes butterflies from a different region and the supplies needed to create an attractive display.

See Butterfly Collection Activity Kits

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